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Specializing in Custom Reporting and Automation

Custom Reports:

Every single business is complex and unique in their own way. Without the proper information it’s impossible to remain competitive. We pride ourselves on creating custom reports built to satisfy each businesses exclusive needs. 

We work together with your software to create a report that explicitly gathers only information necessary and arranges it in the desired format. Making it as easy as possible for you to simply click and see everything you need in one place ready to print or e-mail.

Having a custom report truly is a game changer. It saves time, energy, and most of all money in the long run.  By only having one report to run it reduces the risk of human error and allows staff to concentrate more on their core responsibilities. This also provides greater flexibility for reaching each customers complex and unique needs.


In every industry exist daily routine tasks that are tedious and therefore inefficient but still necessary. Tasks such as printing off daily reports, exporting files from the web and correspondingly importing them to accounting software, or countless other examples. Wouldn't it be nice to just walk into work and have all those different daily reports sitting in the printer tray ready to be handed out to the team?

This is where our automation comes in, we write a script that will automate any computer routine process. The script is programmed to run at any set time, either daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.  Numerous clients set the scripts to run throughout the night, as soon as they arrive to work in the morning half their work has been completed overnight. Therefore providing them with excess time to reallocate to more pressing matters.

Never forget again, setup automatic emails to send months or years in advance, even attach documents such as reports that don't exist yet. Can provide basic training on how to alter the script so you can customize it yourself between specific customers or processes.   

Start freeing up your time today, so tomorrow you can spend less time working and more time living.

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