Business Planning


Key to Success

The key to success is action, and the essential action is building a plan. The start is critical because it builds the foundation for any company to stand and build upon. Choosing the right accounting software for your unique business should never be taken lightly.

Professional advice

Good advisement comes from hands on experience and education. Our company has working in the field of  I.T. accounting and management information solutions for over 26 year. As Certified Public Accountants (CPA) we will provide you with extensive advice directed to your companies current position. 


Through prosperity every business requires individual needs.  Customization is our specialty, we work with you to find a stable solution to reach those needs that surpasses expectation.  

Cloud Accounting

  •  The new mentality of today's world is about maximizing our rarest resource, time. Hand in hand with this mentality comes daily technological advances. The world really is changing rapidly, and we're all faced with a simple choice that can either make or break any business, either we embrace these advancements or resist them. The problem that arises is understanding the benefits of these new technologies. 

  • That’s where we come in, our team specializes in I.T. accounting and management information solutions. As you know from experience its easier, cheaper, and overall better to hire an experienced professional rather than going through the head aches, extra time, and excessive pain of doing it yourself. 

  • Joining the cloud world can be intimating to some, with us we assure you the experience will be                                                                               simple and most of all secure. Whether it's converting your software to a cloud based solution or uploading your current software onto a virtual system the process will be beneficial beyond compare. The flexibility and efficiency is remarkable.


Remote connection


Virtual Remote Desktop

This service is truly incredible. This is a component of Microsoft windows that allow a user to take control of a virtual machine over the internet. It doesn't require anything from your system because everything is stored in the cloud.  This way if your over seas and need something but forgot or broke your laptop you can go to an internet cafe or borrow a colleges and access your data. 

Full Speed

With an old computer system just login in to the virtual desktop and use lightning speeds for the programs that were originally incompatible or simply to slow to tolerate. 

Simultaneous Work

Colleges can collaborate on some of the same program simultaneously. No longer requiring them to sit around and wait to login into the program once finished.


All data and systems are stored within Canada 3 hours north of Toronto in a server farm. Facility has security and prevention system in place. As well as backup generators to prevent issues if hydro failure occurs.

All files in one place

Everything stored in the same system. Ever had that headache where someones on vacation and you can't access a file on their desktop that you urgently need, well now with virtual desktop all files are in one place.